WAGO 787 Series Circuit Breaker

The 787 Series of electric circuit breakers from WAGO is a sleek, intuitive 8 channel electronic circuit breaker line that boasts full-scale functionality in small-scale design.

Each of the 8 channels has a nominal current of 2 10 A and is adjustable thanks to their sealable selector switch. Plus, it has a nominal input voltage Ui nom of DC 24 V and Input voltage range of DC 18-30 V, with a switch-on capacity of > 50000 uF per channel.

There is one bright, three-colored button per channel, which helps make switching, resetting, and diagnostics a breeze.

Signaling comes in the form of 8 bright LED lights that will go from green, to red, to orange, depending on the status of the channel you are using,

This Wago Electronic Circuit Breaker has a time-delayed switch for channels, and the operation status indicator will display a green LED light if the channel is good, and it will display a red LED light if it is a tripped channel.

A pulse sequence notifies you with a status message, and that same pulse sequence allows you to remote input to reactivate tripped channels via 15 30 VDC for a minimum of 500ms or it allows you to switch any channels on or off.

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