Square D's TeSys GV2 Series, Manual Motor Protector

Square D’s GV2 series Manual Motor Protectors provide your system with manual isolation, manual motor control, and thermal overcurrent protection all in one compact unit. The GV2 series motor protectors are 3-pole thermal magnetic circuit breakers designed for motors, with full load current ratings up to 32 amps. Maximum horsepower ratings range from 1/10th horsepower at 230 volts single-phase to 25 horsepower at 575 volts 3-phase three phase.

GV2 motor protectors are available with a screw clamp for mounting and screw type terminals for added flexibility. The GV2 has a ul 508 type e rating as a stand-alone self-protected manual combination starter. It contains visual trip indication for added convenience and is controlled by a rotary handle or push button.

An added under voltage trip enables the motor’s circuit breaker to be tripped if voltage is lost. A shunt trip is also added to enable remote control of tripping and triggering of a power shut off. This device includes finger safe terminals and is IP20 rated.

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