SICK ATM Series Multiturn Encoders

The ATM series absolute multiturn encoders from SICK are rugged and reliable modular encoders that can withstand the harshest conditions, while still providing the reliable positional information, through its SSI electrical data interface.

These maintenance-free encoders offer a long service life and are freely programmable for all single-turn and multiturn resolutions, eliminating the need for more variants.

With a variety of electrical connection adapters, these encoders are versatile and electronically adjustable, allowing for a configurable resolution of up to 25 bits.

Other features include:

  • Face mount and servo flange, blind hallow shaft, and a multitude of adapter accessories for the mechanical interface.
  • Magnetic scanning.
  • Optional round axis functionality.
  • Zero-set and preset functions through hardware or software.
  • Flexible application possibilities due to interchangeable collets for the blind hollow shaft.

The ATM series absolute multiturn encoders from have SICK IP 67-rated housing and high level of resistance to shock and vibration, making these field proven encoders ideal for absolute position measuring in machines and systems for material transport equipment, textile machines, wind power and solar plants, rollers, printing machines and much more.

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