We Specialize in the Repair
and Refurbishment of Power
and Electrical Components
Galco Industrial Electronics specializes in the repair and refurbishment of Power & Electrical Equipment from hundreds of manufacturers. Since 1975 our technicians have been repairing Power & Electrical Equipment and other industrial electronic equipment including Circuit Boards, Drives/Motors, CNC/Robotics, Test Equipment, and many other Industrial Controls.
Power and electrical components are the heartbeat of the industrial electronic system. These devices control and supply electrical energy to an electrical load.
Common Power and Electrical Components
Circuit Breakers
Power Supplies
Weld Controls
A Faulty Power Supply or Power
Control Component Can Lead
to a Number of Problems
A faulty power supply or power control component can lead to any number of intermittent problems. Some examples include: irregular startup failures, rooting or shutdown during otherwise normal operation, memory errors (depending on the component being powered), overheating or even electric shocks.

Some of the more obvious power-related fault symptoms are: complete startup failure (the system is completely dead and nothing happens when it is turned on), smoke or fire, and blown fuses or tripped breakers as soon as the power component is turned on.
Common Power and Electrical Faults
No Power or Output

The first check should always be to measure the output voltage. This will determine whether the component is actually supplying power, and if so, how much. This needs to be done under load. If there is no output, it is likely that an internal, secondary component is at fault.

Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuit Breakers

If your system immediately blows a fuse or trips a breaker upon startup, the most common issue is an electrical wiring mistake. Also check to make sure your power components have the correct rating for your application.

Voltage Fluctuating

Any kind of sag or surge is a voltage fluctuation. These are short term and typically only last over a few cycles. In these cases, you may have a connected component or machine drawing too much or too little power, the system is improperly grounded, or fails to correct its power factor.