Opto 22 Groov RIO I/O Systems Module

The groov RIO from Opto 22 is an I/O systems module that provides field device data on-premises or in the cloud without PLC, PC, or middleware.

Designed to democratize I/O data and provide thousands of field I/O combinations, this device includes super-flexible I/O channels, multiple installation options, and embedded software for retrieving, processing, and transmitting data.

The groov RIO offers 10 software-configurable channels. There are no DIP switches or jumpers needed as everything is done through the browser-based groov Manage interface.

Other features of this device include:

  • Two mechanical Form C relays for normally-open or normally-closed circuits
  • Two power sources- power over ethernet or 10-32 VDC input
  • Internal loop power distribution for analog control outputs and powered switch inputs
  • Built-in DIN rail and panel mounting hardware
  • A USB expansion port for a WiFi adapter, a serial device adapter, or external mass storage
  • Built-in security with encryption and authentication

If you are looking for an intelligent and distributed I/O device, the groov RIO from Opto 22 is your perfect solution!

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