How to Program Yaskawa's GA800 AC Drive Using Setup Wizard

Yaskawa’s drive setup wizard makes it easy to get your new GA800 drive up and running in a flash.
Begin by installing, wiring, and powering the drive.
Use parameter A1-06 to select an optional application preset if applicable.
The setup wizard should automatically display. If it did not automatically launch, you can do so by pressing the menu button and then press the up arrow key to select initial setup. This setup wizard will guide you through configuring:

  • Control method selection
  • HD/ND selection
  • Motor data
  • Frequency reference
  • Run command source
  • Acceleration and deceleration times

After configuring these settings, test them by running the motor without a load. Verify that the drive is operating correctly and make sure that the host controller is sending commands to the drive.
Test again by connecting the load this time and run the motor again. Make sure that the drive is operating correctly. If this test was successful, you should now fine-tune and set application parameters, such as PID.
Run one more final test to make sure that the drive is performing as expected and verify that the parameter settings are correct.If everything is working as expected, then you should be all set to use your drive!
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