Line Reactors

Line Reactors
Line Reactors
A line reactor is an inductor wired in series between a power source and a load. It is generally used in motor drive applications to reduce harmonics, limit inrush current, and protect both the motor and the drive.

Line reactors also filter current waveforms and attenuate noise, which helps eliminate nuisance tripping and increase motor drive efficiency.

When installed on the line side of the drive, line reactors are particularly effective at protecting the drive from overvoltage tripping where impedance might otherwise be too low to counteract voltage spikes. When installed on the load side of the drive, line reactors can manage the peak voltage experienced at motor terminals, protecting motor insulation and extending the life the motor.

RL Series Image
  • Harmonic Reduction
  • Epoxy Impregnation
  • Reduced Impedance
  • IGBT Protection
MTE’s RL series of line reactors are designed to improve the reliability of adjustable frequency drives, DC drives and a wide variety of other types of power electronic equipment. In addition they provide limited input line current harmonic mitigation and aid in long lead protection for inverter fed motors.
KDR Series Image
  • 3% & 5% Impedance units
  • Harmonic Compensation - Use on drive input or output
  • Reduces Line notching
  • Reduces Inverter Overcurrent and Overvoltage
  • Improves True Power Factor
The KDR series models cover the complete range of impedance needs and are available for the line or load side of a PWM drive. Properly sized for the application, a KDR reactor is guaranteed to eliminate any AC drive overvoltage tripping problems. KDR Optimized Drive Reactors are warranted against manufacturer's defect for the life of the drive with which they are installed.
  • UL Listed Available
RLW Series Image
  • 0.5 to 750 Amps
  • 280 to 690 VAC
  • Adapter Plate
  • DIN Rail Mountable
MTE’s RLW Line Reactor is optimally designed for peak performance in a compact and lightweight design. Lower horsepower selection allows for smaller motor protection needs, and they are suitable for application to single phase drives to provide transient protection. The RLW is primarily applied to LINE SIDE applications, but can be applied to the LOAD SIDE as well.
KLR Series Image
  • Variety of Impedance units
  • 3 Phase
  • All Cooper Windings
  • Variety of Terminal Options
  • UL Recognized; CSA
TCI KLR series three phase AC reactors are intended for use as input filters for adjustable speed DC drives and as input or output filters for AC-PWM variable frequency drives. Drive performance is significantly improved, the drives input rectifier is protected from failure or damage, and drive harmonic demands are tamed with the addition of a K-rated reactor. KLR reactors act as interface buffers between solid state power circuits and the line or the motor. All drives, in any application, will benefit when applied with KLR series reactors.
Centurion Series Image
  • Open Core & Coil or NEMA 1 Enclosure
  • 208V, 240V, 480V, and 600V
  • 1.5%, 3% and 5% Impedance
  • 50/60 Hertz
  • Natural Convection Cooling
HPS Reactors are designed to address line-side issues associated with variable frequency drives. They mitigate voltage and current transients that can cause nuisance tripping of a drive. Reactors also minimize harmonic current levels within the drive supply circuit. When used on the output side of IGBT-based, PWM-type AC drives, HPS reactors reduce the motor operating temperature and audible noise by moderating line transients seen by the motor. Using HPS line reactors enhances the overall performance, life expectancy, and efficiency of the motor.
  • Enclosures are rugged, steel construction with UL50 ANSI 61 Grey Paint
  • NEMA 3R Enclosures Available Upon Request
  • Includes Finger-proof Terminal Blocks or Terminal Pads
LR3 Series Image
  • 3 Phase Line Reactor
  • 480 Rated Voltage
  • 100 Rated Current
BLOCK Line Reactor Series LR3 is designed for extended and improved reliability of variable speed drives and may other type of power conversion equipment. In addition of harmonic mitigation, BLOCK´s LR3 Series provides limited protection of connected loads. BLOCK Line Reactors are available for a wide current and selected impedance ranges.
ALR Series Image
  • 3% & 5% Impedance units
  • Reduction of harmonic distortion
  • 2~600 Amps
  • 208,240, 480 and 600 volts
  • Finger safe terminal blocks up to 60 HP
ALR series line reactors protect your sensitive equipment from harmful line disturbances. AC line reactors help prevent equipment failure and downtime, and can add years to the life of your equipment. Designed to protect DC motor drives, AC variable frequency drives and the motors they power. AC line reactors allow Acme to augment the Drive Isolation Transformer package to offer both line and load power quality protection for a wide range of applications. ALR series line reactors feature flexible design and ease of installation for use in a variety of applications such as paper machines, process lines, press controls and drive systems, along with tube mills and other sophisticated process equipment. These applications are found in such industries as food and beverage, paper, packaging systems and printing.
  • UR and cUR Recognized
  • CE Marked
MDB Series Image
  • High Damping of Edge Steepness
  • Very Good Corrosion Protection and Low Noise Thanks to Vacuum Impregnation
  • Reduction of Leakage Current
  • High Damping of Inverter Switching Frequency
MR3400 Series Image
  • High Damping of Edge Steepness
  • Very Good Corrosion Protection and Low Noise Thanks to Vacuum Impregnation
  • Reduction of Leakage Current at Low Construction Volumes
  • High Damping of Inverter Switching Frequency
RM Series Image
  • 3% & 5% Impedance units
  • Harmonic Compensation - Use on drive input or output
  • VPI Impregnation
  • NEMA 2 or 3R Available
  • UL; CSA; CE Approvals
By using a RM series line reactor many line problems can be eliminated. Additionally, performance, life expectancy and efficiency of both the motor and the drive itself are significantly enhanced. Due to the care in the selection of core material with its optimum flux density, RM line reactors will not saturate under the most adverse line conditions.
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