A lamp is a device that produces light from electricity. Lamps are commonly known as light bulbs, and are used to provide interior lighting for buildings and exterior lighting for evening and nighttime visibility. Smaller lamps are used to illuminate small spaces like cabinets, or even buttons and switches.

The most common lamp is the incandescent light bulb, which emits visible light when a wire filament is heated by an electric current. The filament is protected by a glass bulb that is filled with an inert gas, or a halogen mixture to extend filament life. Lamps are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with different light outputs and voltage ratings.

Other lamp types include a variety gas-discharge lamps, in which an ionized gas produces light when electric current is applied. Fluorescent lamps and germicidal lamps are gas-discharge lamps.

Linear Fluorescent Series Image
Enjoy the benefits of Howard Lighting linear fluorescent and LED products. Whether you are lighting a warehouse, classroom, parking garage, gym, entry way, or small shop, we have just the solution you need. With a wide selection of wattages, sizes, and designs, our T5 and T8 lamp options provide energy savings and reduced maintenance costs while providing you with high color rendition and consistent quality light output. From energy saving and high lumen to long life and LED, our products will meet or exceed your expectations for quality and service. Let us be your supplier of linear fluorescent and LED lamps.
HID Series Image
Howard Lighting manufactures a vast selection of high-quality lighting products that are ideal for commercial, industrial, and utility uses. Featuring Howard’s best-in-class HID lamps; they have a long life, high efficiency, and are engineered for performance. Available in different wattages and sizes, our High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and Pulse Start lamps are certain to satisfy your lighting needs.
SoLux Series Image
  • True Daylight
  • High CRI
  • Ideal for Color Sensitive Applications
  • Low IR/UV Emission
SoLux halogen lamps are the only lighting technology able to replicate daylight and render products’ colors the way they naturally appear. This makes SoLux ideal for color sensitive applications, enhancing the appeal of art, photography, jewelry, and more.
CFL Series Image
Howard Lighting offers a wide range of compact fluorescent lamp options designed to provide substantial improvements in efficiency compared to incandescent lamps. Compact fluorescents are quickly becoming the lamp choice for many residential and commercial applications due to their better light output, long life, and high color rendering (CRI). By offering lamps in many different wattage and color temperature configurations, Howard Lighting provides maximum flexibility in application design.
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