Electrical Boxes

Electrical Boxes
Electrical Boxes
An electrical box, also also known as a junction box, is a small enclosure used to accommodate and protect electrical connections, switches, sockets and associated wiring. They are most often used to house electrical outlets installed in buildings, panels and workbenches.

A wide variety of electrical boxes exist to meet application specifications and building codes. Different shapes, materials and functional designs allow installation in many different orientations, locations and and structure types. Made of metal or plastic, electrical boxes can be installed in walls, on panels, on ceilings, in concrete or other masonry, and even outside with the proper ingress protections specifications. Their shape and size are determined by the equipment housed within, from several outlets, a bundle of conduit,or a pair of switches.

Individual box covers can also be chosen based on need. Covers are pre-stamped to accommodate different receptacle sizes, numbers of receptacles, and switches, and many support optional weather covers that use a gasket-lid combination to protect connections from environmental hazards.

CONDULET Series Image
  • Compatible with Rigid and Intermediate Conduit
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Threaded Connections
  • Various Styles/Shapes Available
  • Suitable for Hazardous Environments (See Catalog for Details)
Coundulet® outlet boxes from Crouse-Hinds include a wide range of styles and options to fit many conduit applications. Boxes are available in many popular shapes including A, B, C, D, L, M, N, W, T, and X. Most models are suitable for hazardous environments (Please see catalog or data sheets for details).
Condulet Series Image
  • Compatible with Rigid and Intermediate Conduit
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use (with Gasketed Covers)
  • Threaded Hubs in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 Inch Sizes
  • Various Hub/Gang Configurations Available
  • Shallow or Deep Bodies Available
Condulet® series cast device boxes from Crouse-Hinds can be installed in Rigid or IMC conduit systems, and are used to accommodate wiring devices, act as pull boxes for conductors, provide openings to make splices and taps, or to allow access to the conduit system for future changes. These boxes are constructed from Feraloy™ iron alloy (copper free aluminum available for some models), include an internal green ground screw, and are available in shallow or deep body styles.
  • UL/CSA Approved
  • Internal Ground Screw Included
CP Series Image
  • Drawn or Welded Styles
  • 1/2~1-1/4 in. Knockouts
  • Concentric/Eccentric Knockouts
  • 18~42 Cubic In. Capacity
  • UL Approved
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Commercial Products offers a full line of square, utility, and gang outlet boxes to suit many applications. Boxes are available with several bracket and cable clamp styles, and many extensions and cover types are offered to fit the requirements of your installation. Choose from Drawn or Welded models. All Cooper Crouse-Hinds outlet boxes are UL Approved.
  • On select square outlet box models.
6000 Series Image
  • Built-in TPE Cord Entrance to Seal Out Dirt, Dust, and Other Contaminants
  • Available as Pendant and Feed Through Boxes
  • Extra Deep Box to Provide Additional Wiring Space
The Ericson 6000 Series are rugged and durable, these outlet boxes are engineered to provide protection against electric shock while using portable power cords. The boxes are molded of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) these non-conductive boxes are crush proof and resistant to jobsite oils. They also have high-visibility dual-color safety system for easy identification on the jobsite.
CP Series Image
  • 1 or 2 Gangs
  • 1/2~1 in. Outlet Holes
  • Mounting Lugs Included
  • 9~59 Cubic In. Capacity
  • UL Listed for Use in Wet Locations
Cooper Crouse-Hinds weatherproof products are manufactured in compliance with U.L. requirements for weatherproof boxes and covers and meet U.L. Standard #514A. Cooper Crouse-Hinds lighting products comply with the U.L requirements of standard UL 1598 and are suitable for wet locations. Cooper Crouse-Hinds weatherproof products are made of rugged, die-cast construction, are rust and corrosion resistant, and are provided with nescessary gaskets, plugs and screws making installation trouble free.
CP Series Image
  • For Flush Installation in Masonry Work
  • 1/2~3/4 in. Knockouts
  • Concentric Knockouts
  • 15.5~132 Cubic In. Capacity
  • UL Approved
Crouse-Hinds Masonry Boxes are used for the flush installation of devices in masonry construction and are available in single to six gang configurations with 1/2" or 3/4" concentric knockouts to suit your application needs. Chose from 2-1/2" or 3-1/2" deep models. Crouse-Hinds Masonry Boxes are UL Approved.
CP Series Image
  • Octagonal or Round Styles
  • Steel or PVC Construction
  • 1/2~3/4 in. Knockouts
  • 4~22.5 Cubic In. Capacity
  • UL Approved
Cooper Crouse-Hinds Commercial Products offers several styles of ceiling boxes including: round/octagon ceiling boxes, round ceiling pans, or lampholders. Steel or PVC boxes in various mounting configurations are available to suit your application needs.
CP Series Image
  • For EMT Conduit
  • Available as Setscrew Fittings, Compression Fittings, or Combination Couplings
  • Concrete Tight
Cast Aluminum Boxes Series Image
  • Raised Knockout Studs on Back of Box Provide Alternative Means for Wall Mounting - Strike Desired Studs with Sharp Hammer Blow for Clean Mounting Holes
  • Electrostatically Painted with a Baked, Weatherresistant Powder Finish for Exceptional Durability
  • Mounting Lugs Provide Strength and Durability on Any Mounting Surface
  • Accept Single Gang Weatherproof Covers and Standard FS Covers
  • Easy Access Ground Screw Hole Located Inside Back Wall Of Box
  • Two Closure Plugs and Mounting Lugs Furnished
  • Threaded Outlets for Conduit and Connectors
DB Series Image
  • Mounting Lugs Included as Standard
  • Cover Screws are Stainless Steel
  • Gaskets Mechanically Fastened to Cover
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